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Racing information

Phoenix race approximately 24 different 1/32 scale slot car classes. Our categories include: American Sports Cars, Formula 1, Le-Mans cars, Rally, Sports and Touring cars. We also invite scratch built models and of course every bodies favourite: Aussie V8’s. Race events are usually held on Saturday afternoon or evening.

Types of race events held

The Phoenix Slot Car Group Melbourne runs a variety of racing events such as: Team Racing, Enduros, Fuel Racing, Timed Racing, Crash'n Burn and even just plain old Lap Times, all of which are great fun and conducted in a friendly atmosphere, making the night enjoyable for all.

Slot car scales raced

Although Phoenix primarily race 1/32 scale slot cars, we also run 1/24 scale nights for those that are interested. Classes include: 1950's Formula 1, Group A Touring Cars, Nascar Stockers, Modern Nascar, Nascar Trucks, Midgets, Mini Coopers, Trans-Am, Hot Rods, Sports Cars, Group 5, Can-Am, Group C, Mini-z and Modern GT to name a few. All of which run on Plafit, MJK and Scaleauto Chassis.

Special events

The Phoenix Slot Car Group Melbourne holds numerous special events throughout the year, including Team Le Mans Enduro, Classic Sports Car Enduro, Nascar Events and Bathurst. These events require a bit of preparation both before the event and on the day. Normally the track owner will run the actual event, take care of the food and drink, however there are other aspects which need to be organise including: Trophies, Raffle, Car Scrutineers and as such, club members are welcome to participate in and help run the event.

I'm interested, so what do I do now?

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in racing slot cars with a great bunch of guys and wish to become a Phoenix member? then simply submit our enquiry form and we will get back to you asap.