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Phoenix club rules
code of conduct, marshalling & car setup rules

Phoenix Slot Car Group Melbourne wishes to encourage and develop the hobby to be a family oriented adventure which is open for all to enjoy. For this reason we have created the following rules of conduct. Failure to comply and abide by the rules may result in membership cancellation.

code of conduct

We have over a long period of time developed standards for conduct & marshalling. Competitors must maintain acceptable standards of conduct and sportsmanship at all times, especially in the heat of battle when things 'go wrong'.

Any unsportsmanlike conduct and abusive or obscene language will be subject to a first warning. A second violation will result in a 12 point penalty being deducted from their score. A third warning will result in disqualification on his or her nights racing for a period of time which will decided by the club members.

We do not wish to disqualify anyone!. Phoenix consider that acceptable social conduct to be sufficiently important and therefore has put these terms and conditions in place. All competitors must accept on entering the Phoenix Slot Car Group.


  • All drivers must marshal the race immediately following the race he or she has completed.
  • There will be a drivers brief before each event will also cover expected standards of marshalling if needed.
  • Drivers may not talk or shout at marshals at any time. Shouting at marshals will only delay you getting back into the race.
  • In the event of a crash involving multiple crash, the car that caused the pile-up always goes back on last, no matter what a driver might think or say.
  • Marshals should not enter into dialogue with drivers.
  • When marshalling cars, slow marshalling can cost laps, time & even the race, so drivers, when you are marshalling, use both hands to quickly and carefully put de-slotted cars back into their correct lane.
  • Drivers should place Lane Colour tape on the REAR of their car
  • Before placing cars back on the track, Marshals must check that the track is clear of any fast approaching traffic, which could be accidentally knocked off with their arm / hand.
  • Remember that in corners the rear of the car will slide out and interfere with the line of cars on the immediate outside lane.
  • Marshalling is not popular with all racers but it is important as you cannot race without marshals. Therefore when it is your turn to marshal, please try to good a good job.

racing rules & car setup guidelines

In order to keep the racing even and fair as well as the cost factor down, we have implemented the following rules & guidelines.

1:32 Scale Setup Guidelines

  • Bracing motor/ chassis allowed
  • Minor shaving of chassis allowed to allow rocking
  • No Magnets!
  • Internal components can be secured by tape or glue i.e. Motor, bearings
  • Guides can be changed where advised but No wood guides unless cut down to standard size.
  • Urethane tyres allowed (current ORTMAN and MJK preferred)
  • Weight allowed
  • Alloy gears allowed but must be standard ratio
  • Alloy wheels allowed provided diameter and width remain within standard
  • No lowering of chassis (except in v8’s)
  • Rear wheel may be trued an glued and within standard measurements
  • Front wheel may be trued and glued but must retain their original standard measurements
  • Original manufacturers motor to be used
  • Scratch built cars are allowed provided their performance is within reasonable scope of the intended class.
  • Be happy
  • Wires/Braid and screws not subject to any rules
  • A particular class or car may have allowances made to make it competitive, which may contradict the above

1:24 Scale Setup Guidelines

  • Standard Plafit, Ortman or MJK Tyres
  • Standard engines where applicable
  • NO magnets!!