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About Phoenix slot car
Racing group Melbourne

Established in 2006, Phoenix Slot Car Group Melbourne is run by slot car enthusiasts for slot car enthusiasts. Comprising of seven routed wooden tracks, as well as one plastic track, racing both both 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars. Our philosophy is to have fun while enjoying close and exciting racing, in which all skill levels are welcome to participate.

Race events are held at different slot car tracks around Melbourne and not only do they provide great competition for all, but also offer a real fun social atmosphere, with BBQ's held at every weekend event.

Slot car brands & types

Phoenix Slotcar Group Melbourne race a wide variety of slot car brands and scales. Although our 1:32 scale cars consists of the normal commercially available cars, with brands include: Scalextric, Ninco, Fly, Carrera, Revell, SCX, Sloter, and Vanquish, we also include scratch built slot cars. Our 1:24 scale cars comprises of Plafit or Brass chassis with either hard or Lexan bodies. Classes include: Mini-Z, Can AM, Vintage Stockers, Trans-Ams, GT, Group C, Can-Am, Midgets just to name a few.

So whatever scale or class you are interested in, Phoenix has something to suit everyone.

Race nights

Generally, race events are held on Fridays or Saturdays ( track owners discretion ). Starting times can vary between afternoon or evening and generally include a BBQ. These events normally don’t require much setup, however if non track owners wish to step forward and select the classes and run the night, then they are more than welcome to do so.

Fix it nights are also arranged in order to assist both existing and new members wishing to learn the tips and techniques on tuning their cars.

If you feel that you have what it takes and are ready for the challenge, then why not submit our enquiry form. We are always happy to meet new slot car enthusiasts.